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Los Angeles, CA Public Works Crews Collect Hundreds of Tons of Trash, Remove Graffiti After Protests – Waste Advantage Magazine

Los Angeles, CA #los-angeles-ca – The Los Angeles Department of Public Works said Wednesday that its staff and hundreds of volunteers collected nearly 400 tons of trash between Friday and Tuesday, after protests against police brutality. “As we continue to provide services and support during a global pandemic, I’m proud of the dedicated members of our Department of Public Works family, who have once again stepped up and acted swiftly to aid in the city’s emergency efforts,” said Los Angeles Board of Public Works President Kevin James. “This has been a huge undertaking, and I want to thank our employees and the community members who joined us in cleaning up our city.”

Public Works crews have also been removing graffiti. The Bureau of Sanitation and Environment removed “bulky” items, some that were illegally dumped on the streets or in trash bins in areas identified by the Los Angeles Police Department. The bureau’s crews collected 395 tons of trash, rocks, bricks, bulky and burnt materials using nearly 100 heavy-equipment units and trucks each day. The Bureau of Streets Services removed more than 400 cubic yards of waste and debris from sidewalks and streets, and assisted businesses with cleanup, along with street sweeping where needed.

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