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Smoking ban, stroller restrictions among rule changes at Disney theme parks

ANAHEIM, Calif. #anaheim-ca – Ahead of the opening of the new Star Wars-themed attraction, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are making some significant changes.

“Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” is slated to open in Anaheim on May 31 and in Orlando on Aug. 29.

Here are some of the highlights of the planned changes that will help Disneyland prepare for the additional surge of visitors:

The park is adding a Pixar Pals parking structure with more than 5,000 spaces. It’s slated to open by the end of July and will include an electronic parking system to help people find spaces quickly.

The existing Toy Story lot will also add more than 2,000 additional spaces, with more entrances.

Security screening will be set up before guests board the Toy Story parking shuttle, so they won’t have to wait for screening in the Esplanade area during busy times.

Reservations – at no extra charge – will be required to visit the Star Wars attraction when it first opens until June 23.

After June 23, a boarding pass system with group-based admission times will be established so that people won’t have to wait in line for “Galaxy’s Edge.”

More information is expected to be released on the DisneyParks blog.

Disney World & Disneyland changes

Currently, strollers are allowed with dimensions no bigger than 36″ by 52.” That allowable dimension will change to 31″ by 52.”

The parks will also step up enforcement of the “no wagons” policy inside the park to help with crowd flow.

Smoking has been limited to designated areas at the parks. Starting May 1, those areas will be eliminated.

At Disneyland smoking will only be allowed outside the secure areas of the Esplanade.

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