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Introducing Your Anaheim Hometown Ambassador, Anna Dornier

#anaheim-ca Hello! My name is Anna Dornier and I am your Anaheim News and Talk Hometown Ambassador. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, I came to America nineteen years ago in August 2001 and now call Anaheim my home. I love living Stateside! 

Originally I planned to study veterinary medicine and attended U.C. Davis where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Management. But like many people, my plans changed and after working for a couple of years as a Research Analyst in South San Francisco, I longed to start my own business in the fitness industry.

My first attempt resulted in an outdoor workout program, which I founded in 2009 and quickly morphed into a successful fitness boot camp business. But in 2019, I left the fitness industry after I had personal success at conquering a debilitating sugar addiction with the ketogenic way of eating, known as keto for short. 

In 2015, after I had given birth to my second child Isabella, I suffered from intense sugar cravings as well as joint pain. At only 34 years of age, I felt like someone who was much older! To my surprise, I learned that increasing the amount of healthy fats I was eating could actually help my sugar addiction and my joint pain. Initially I was skeptical, but at this point I was willing to try anything to get out of my misery!

In just four months, I was able to lose my pre-baby weight gain of 49 pounds, I no longer craved sugar, and have become completely pain-free! My mission and passion is to help people just like you implement the keto lifestyle properly from the very beginning to create a long-term sustainable plan. 

This plan helps you to maintain your progress and results, increases your energy levels, enhances your mood and sleep, and ensures you have the vitality you deserve, even as you age. I can’t think of a mission more fulfilling than that!

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