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MARTA employee COVID cases: A closer look

By David Wickert, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution #atlanta-ga

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on local transit employees. On Monday MARTA reported its 200th employee has tested positive for the COVID-19.

The agency posts information about each case on its web site. So we decided to take a closer look at those cases. Here’s a look at cases by department:

Not surprisingly, bus and rail operators accounted for the lion’s share of reported cases. Luz Borrero, MARTA’s chief administrative officer, told the AJC those are the agency’s largest categories of employees. They’re also the employees most exposed to the public.

Now here’s a look at the top workplace locations where MARTA employees tested positive:


Numerous other locations reported a single employee tested positive. Though there’s some duplication on the list, the Perry and Laredo bus maintenance facilities appear to be the top work locations where MARTA employees have tested positive.

Finally, here’s a look at cases by the month they were reported to MARTA:


The number of cases was fairly steady until it skyrocketed in July. Borrero said that is “consistent with what was going on in the state of Georgia and the whole region.” Cases subsided in August and appear to be falling more in September.

Late Monday, after this analysis was completed, the COVID-19 toll has risen to 204 employees at MARTA.

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