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Des Plaines’ Mauro Sewer Construction Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

#des-plaines-il – This year marks three decades since Pat Mauro established Mauro Sewer Construction out of his parents’ Des Plaines basement. 

Mauro was 24 at the time. Today, Mauro’s staff of 25 keeps busy working on projects throughout the Chicago region. 

“We try to keep everybody working,” said project manager Carmi Lullo, who noted that the company was able to weather through the 2008 recession and has had more work than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re like a family.”

According to Lullo and Mauro, many of the company’s employees have been with the company for decades, such as officer manager Robert Socco, who joined the team shortly after graduating high school in 2002.

Mauro Sewer Construction typically works on municipal and commercial projects, including both storm sewer and sanitary sewer work. Over the years, they have worked on capital projects in Des Plaines and was awarded at least one contract in nearby Mount Prospect last year. 

“It’s a great community and a great town to work for,” said Lullo of Des Plaines. 

“The city has been very cooperative,” added Mauro. “It’s the center of everywhere, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Mauro moved to Des Plaines after graduating from Taft High School in Chicago and has been part of the community ever since. 

Even before starting his business, Mauro had experience working on sewer construction projects since his high school days. “I’ve been a hands-on owner,” said Mauro of what sets his company apart from others in the area. “I’ve been through every aspect of it.”

His staff, too, usually works up through every position on a sewer construction team so they can become knowledgeable about every aspect of a project.  

In addition to running his company, Mauro has served for many years on the Des Plaines Economic Development Commission and ran for alderman in the city’s eighth ward.

Mauro Sewer Construction is located at 1251 Redeker Rd., Des Plaines.