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Baltimore County superintendent responds to concerns over reopening plan

Tim Tooten WBALTV11 – #baltimore-md


Baltimore County’s school superintendent responded Friday to concerns and complaints from teachers and parents about his reopening plan.

It’s a plan that outlines when staff should return to the classroom.

County school Superintendent Darryl Williams has been reading emails and answering telephone calls from his Charles Street office. He says both have given him a pretty good idea of what the public makes of his school reopening plan.

“So, the intent was to say here’s a plan and with any plan, you’re going make adjustments,” Williams said.

It’s a plan that calls for teachers and school staff to be back in buildings by Oct. 19. Small groups of students would return about a month later.

“What I recognize is it was probably the timing that caused folks to have questions and concerns, but with any plan you get, the next question (is) ‘How we are going to do this?’” Williams said.

But it’s the timing and logistics that concern veteran Baltimore County school teacher and parent Pam Gaddy.

“I am over the top with this and if I got to go back into the building. I have to go back into the building, but give me the common courtesy of allowing me to prepare for what I need to do and how I need to do it, don’t spring this on me,” Gaddy said.

“Parents still have options,” the superintendent said.

That’s not news to Gaddy, who said, “My oldest can go back to school if I choose for him to go which he is not, but then my youngest is a student with special needs and she does benefit from special education strategies and intervention.”

“We are not trying to rush anything. Health and safety — those things are still a priority,” Williams said.

Health and safety are among the topics the superintendent says he’ll discuss with administrators, school staff, unions and the county executive in the coming weeks.