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Sweet Potatoes – Side Dish Or Dessert?

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt. Hey y’all…it’s Ellen Britt, the Atlanta News and Talk Hometown Ambassador, back again with more food talk.

Well over the past couple of days, our weather here in the Atlanta area went from hot and muggy to sunny and cool. Suddenly my taste for things like a slice of cold watermelon or chilled deviled eggs have given way to a longing for something warmer.

I got to thinking about sweet potatoes for some reason today, as with our two major food holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, coming up in the next few months, sweet potatoes will be in the grocery stores and the prices will be great.

Us Southerners have a peculiar habit of taking a sweet dish, like sweet potato souffle, and using it as a side dish with a main meal, then serving another sweet food, such as a cake or pie, as the dessert after the meal. When one of my well meaning Northern friends pointed this out to me and asked why I didn’t just serve the sweet potato souffle for dessert, for a few minutes I couldn’t understand what she meant! To me, sweet potato souffle, even though it is as sweet as any dessert, has always been served as a side dish and I just couldn’t think of it in any other way.

Anyhow, this just points out how versatile the lowly sweet potato is. These bright orange tubers are delicious baked in their skins, then split open and served with square of grass fed butter melting in the middle or made into sweet potato souffle as a traditional Southern Thanksgiving side dish or taking center stage as the star dessert in its own right in a melt in your mouth sweet potato pie that I would take over pumpkin pie any day of the week.

So look for sweet potatoes in your grocery store, no matter what part of the country you are in. They are a wonderful source of fiber and Vitamin A, plus they are delicious any time of year!