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Valley family hit hard by COVID-19

By: Mike Pelton for ABC15 #phoenix-az

A Valley man is left to wonder why his family has been hit so hard by COVID-19 after his father became the latest family member to pass away after catching the virus.

Ricardo Aguirre told ABC15 his dad, Jose De Jesus Aguirre Sanchez, 67, died on September 11th. His funeral took place over the weekend. Aguirre said his dad had contracted COVID-19 in May and while on a ventilator, suffered a stroke. Aguirre also believes his dad received questionable care while in a rehab facility, where he said his father suffered a heart attack. Suffering from several complications, he ultimately passed away at home.

“I’m hurting, man,” Aguirre said. “I’m tired.”

Aguirre told ABC15 his father had diabetes, but it was under control. After contracting COVID-19 in May, he was on a ventilator for nearly three weeks.

“He was my right hand, I was his right hand,” Aguirre said.

Including extended family, Aguirre told ABC15 nine relatives have passed away since May after catching the virus.