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Video shows LAPD officer shoot protester in groin with projectile

By Leanne Suter for ABC7 #los-angeles-ca

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KABC) — A confrontation caught by an LAPD officer’s body worn camera now at the heart of an investigation and expected lawsuit from the victim after he was shot in the groin with a foam projectile.

It happened June 2 during civil unrest across the city. Officers were responding to a massive protest in Hollywood where demonstrators had taken over an intersection.

Ben Montemayor, 28, posted on Instagram about the intense encounter, which he says left him severely injured requiring emergency surgery.

In the video released by the LAPD, you can see officers in riot gear move in to take control of the intersection. Montemayor is holding a sign. With his hands up, an officer yanks the sign away. The 28-year-old backs up as another officer fires the non-lethal round striking him in the groin.

Less lethal rounds are meant to prevent serious injuries but critics say the department’s use has left many with substantial wounds.

The LAPD is launching its investigation after Montemayor’s social media post and a report by the LA Times.

The department says it has not been able to interview Montemayor who has referred authorities to his attorney.

The LAPD says the investigation will likely take several months.

The findings ultimately were forwarded to the chief to determine any action.