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How To Make Jook

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt. Yesterday I wrote about making a traditional Chinese rice porridge dish called jook and how it remined me in a lot of ways about a rice dish my Mama used to make when I was growing up here in rural Georgia.

The jook turned out great and my toppings of choice were minced garlic fried in a bit of olive oil until just slightly brown, chopped hard boiled egg, chopped roasted peanuts, soy and sriracha sauces and red pepper flakes. Plus it looks beautiful and appetizing as I think you’ll agree from seeing the photo.

The beauty of this dish is that you can choose toppings that are to your taste. You can even make it into a more traditional “oatmeal” style breakfast by using fresh fruit such as blueberries, some chopped walnuts and a drizzle of honey and maybe a bit of oat milk.

Jook is so easy to make: use one part rice to ten parts water. Yes, you read that right…ten parts water to one part rice. I used a cup of rice to ten cups water.

Soak the rice in filtered water overnight then the next morning give it a rinse and drain.

Place the drained rice in a large pot (I use a stainless steel stockpot) and bring to a boil. Cut the heat to medium low so the rice is simmering nicely. You’ll want to use a large spoon to scoop off most of the foam that will form on the surface after a few minutes. Do this a couple of times. 

Then add two 1 to 2 inch chunks of peeled fresh ginger, place a lid loosely on the cooking rice and cook for two full hours. Yes, that’s not a misprint…TWO full hours, stirring occasionally to make sure the rice is not sticking to the bottom of the pot as it’s cooking.

If you are not plant based, you might want to add some chicken bones or meat to the pot and let that cook along with the rice to add more flavor. Personally, I think it has plenty of flavor just the way I made it but of course the choice is yours.

After the jook is done, simply ladle into bowls, sprinkle on your favorite toppings and enjoy anytime of day. I dont’ know about you, but I’ve found my new comfort food. Let’s eat y’all…!