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Complimentary Intermittent Fasting Information

#atlanta-ga  Hey there it’s Ellen Britt, the Atlanta Hometown Ambassador (and resident Foodie!) and I want to take just a minute to introduce you to intermittent fasting and explain how it can help you.

I have practiced IF (as it’s called) daily for over two years. I think you can clearly see from my before and after photo that this has made an absolutely huge impact on my health as well as my quality of life!

Intermittent fasting is NOT a fad and has now been well accepted by the mainstream medical community as not only a safe, sustainable, effective way to lose weight but as a way to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and even dementia. Plus, I have to say it’s also greatly increased my energy, my focus and yes, my confidence.

After years of trying every diet plan under the sun, I finally found something that is enjoyable, practical and most importantly sustainable. I lost 35 pounds (and my friends say I lost ten years as well!) and I’ve kept it off for more than a year and a half now. IF is NOT a diet in the usual sense, as it’s not so much about what you eat, as when you eat it. There’s no counting calories and once you become “fat adapted” your body switches from burning carbs to burning fat for fuel and the pounds come off.

I would love to give you the opportunity to get some absolutely free information about intermittent fasting. Along with a colleague, I write and publish the IF Insider, a twice a month newsletter which is your briefing on the most compelling developments in intermittent fasting as well as innovation in practices that can be stacked with IF, such as plant-based eating, sleep hacks, natural nootropics, brain training, and more, all curated by our team of entrepreneurs and ‘future-think’ scouts. 

You can subscribe to the IF Insider completely free by clicking here. The newsletter also has instructions on how to join our free Facebook group for entrepreneurs interested in intermittent fasting, although you don’t have to be a business owner to join. We would love to have you!


There is also a paid, completely optional, five dollars a month newsletter option where you can get even more goodies, such as my recipe of the month and a live monthly Q&A call with me so you can get your questions answered in person! 

I strive to bring you the very best information on intermittent fasting, as there is so much out there that you can’t trust and frankly, some information which is downright dangerous. Not to toot my own horn too much but I do have the background to offer this. 

After graduating from Berry College in Rome, Georgia, I completed my PA (Physician Assistant) degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, then left the south for the Northeast, where I practiced for over two decades as a PA in Emergency and Occupational Medicine. Along the way I completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate (an Ed.D.) in Biology.

So if you need to lose a little weight (or a lot!) or you simply want to get free from emotional eating and exponentially improve your health, grab your free subscription to the IF Insider right here. And look inside for information on joining our free Facebook group. I can’t wait to support you on your journey to a more vibrant and healthy life!