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What’s All The Fuss About Cold Brew Coffee?

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt. Hey there…it’s Ellen, the Atlanta Hometown Ambassador and resident Foodie back with more foodie talk!

I have to confess, my journey with coffee has been rather rocky. My mama and daddy were busy working people and didn’t have time or the inclination to get too fussy about coffee. Instant coffee was good enough for them and when we went to visit one of my mom’s sisters, she and her husband always made perked coffee. It was good, but as a kid, that just meant sipping on a warm beverage that had loads of sugar and cream in it.

When I got to college, coffee was what you drank when you needed to stay up late to cram for an exam…and yes I admit I did that more than once! This time, the coffee came from a vending machine (yikes!!) or was made with hot water and instant coffee powder in one of our dorm rooms with one of those heating coils you drop into a pot and plug in. Not exactly gourmet fare!!

Years later, I developed somewhat of a sensitivity to caffeine, so gave up coffee entirely as the only thing out there to us decaf folks was Sanka instant. Might as well have been drinking powdered cardboard dissolved in water!

Then with the rise of Starbucks and other coffee companies, us decaf folks got a break and many good coffees began to be offered that were naturally decaffeinated. 

But then this happened: the rise of cold brew.

Now cold brew coffee is different from iced coffee. When you make iced coffee, you are simply brewing hot coffee the way you usually do, letting it cool down, then serving it over ice usually with cream and sugar or some kind of sweetener.

But cold brew is a different thing entirely. The coffee is rather coarsely ground, then soaked in cold water for up to as much as twelve hours, then strained. The resulting cold brew coffee is smooth, has none of the bitterness associated with hot brewed coffee and is simply delicious, either black or served with milk, cream and your favorite sweetener.

And to my surprise, cold brew coffee did not seem to activate my caffeine sensitivity either. There are lots of brands and flavors from which to choose. Because I do daily intermittent fasting, I needed to be able to drink my coffee black. I started out with Starbucks Cold Brew, which is smooth and almost chocolatey in it’s flavor profile, even though the ingredients are only coffee and water. That really surprised me, because Starbucks coffee, at least to me, tends towards the bitter side.  

My go to, everyday coffee brand is Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate. This brew comes in a 32 ounce glass bottle and I mix it with equal parts water over ice as my daily drink. When I can get it, I also adore Slingshot brand coffee, either in their ready to drink bottles or in concentrate form. Slingshot has a bright “berry” profile and is very refreshing.

Anyhow, if you haven’t tried cold brew coffee, you owe it to yourself to do so. You can also make it yourself but I find that too slow and messy for my liking, so I grab it from the grocery store ready made. Ok gotta go get a drink of cold brew now as I am craving it after writing about it. See y’all soon with more foodie talk!