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Prescott Long Riders 6th Annual Trail Ride and All Horse Parade

Prescott, AZ #prescott-az

On October 3rd, 2020, Prescott will see the continued revival of a lost tradition in the 6th Annual Trail Ride and All Horse Parade!

100 years ago, Prescott’s Parades were cowboys on horses, stagecoaches, and wagons, then add in a few gold miners and their mules. About 40 years ago, the City of Prescott completely discontinued all horse parades through downtown Prescott in order to hold more modern style parades that were becoming popular. Then one warm day in July about 10 years ago, two cowboys were sitting at the bar having a few drinks at their local watering hole on Whiskey Row. They were talking about how parades were now full of trucks, cars, and smelled of diesel fuel. So one of the cowboys said, “We need to start our own parade. What d’ya say we go round up some horses?”

The Downtown Prescott Riders will begin their trail ride at 9:00 am at the Granite Dells Trail Head parking lot and then will head south on the Peavine Trail to downtown Prescott. The ride follows the Peavine Trail, through the Dells, alongside Watson Lake and follows Granite Creek. The ride will pass through tribal lands behind the VA Hospital and come out by the Yavapai College baseball fields.

The Parade, beginning at 2:10 pm, will start from the baseball fields by Yavapai College and continue on local streets to the Court House. The route is planned to go down Whiskey Row, past the Shoot-Out Event, and will end at the Mile High Track Field.

Prescott Long Riders is a non-profit organization with a goal to donate to both the Yavapai College Scholarship for Veterans and the VA Hospital to support our homeless veterans. Although Prescott Long Riders has branched off from the Prescott Regulators and Their Shady Ladies, they do plan to support each other for years to come.

The Prescott Long Riders brings back tradition and fun to downtown Prescott while supporting their mission to raise funds for Veterans. To learn more about this event