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The Trick To Cutting A Squash (Without Cutting Yourself)

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt. Greetings y’all…! Ellen Britt here, the Atlanta News and Talk Hometown Ambassador, back with more food talk.

With fall’s arrival, I have been thinking about winter squash, particularly about butternut squash. I was talking with a friend today who said she cooked a whole acorn squash yesterday in her InstaPot. She tried it that way because she dislikes wrestling with these rather hard squashed to try to get them cut in half, as she is always afraid she’s going to slip and cut herself.

The Instant Pot steams the squash, which is fine, but I prefer to roast both acorn and butternut squash cut side down in the oven, as the heat concentrates the sugars and brings out the flavor. Well another friend jumped into the conversation and said she had the same fears about trying to slice open a big tough butternut squash, so she decided to put it in the oven for about twenty minutes to see it that would make it easier to cut.

She put the whole squash in the oven at 375 degrees for about twenty minutes then removed it and then sliced it lengthwise in half with no problems at all. Then she placed the squash halves back on the sheet pan, cut side down and turned up the heat to 400 degrees to finish baking and…

Voila!! Success…

I have not tried this yet, but will be experimenting with this technique the very next time I am going to cook a butternut squash. I have had a hankering for ravioli stuffed with roasted butternut squash and drizzled with a brown butter/sage sauce so this will come in handy. Let’s eat, y’all…!