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Eight myths about getting into the University of Georgia

By Maureen Downey, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution #atlanta-ga

Editor’s note: High school seniors get nervous in the fall, as they wait for college acceptance letter to make their dreams come true or ruin their lives. In the midst of the tension, rumors fly about what edges students can gain or what is a sure-fire way to get turned down. Our education blogger, Maureen Downey, truth-tested the rumors by talking to administrators at Georgia’s two flagship universities, Georgia Tech and UGA. The truth is out there, and Maureen found it.

Original story: So your teens want to get into the University of Georgia? There are some critical things they need to know first.

For example, the University of Georgia accepts the ACT, which many more Georgia students are taking this year because of wariness around the new revamped SAT.

But did you know UGA focuses on only two of the four areas tested by the ACT, the math and English? Georgia Tech, on the other hand, announced it now intends to look at all four areas of the ACT, including science and reading scores.

And did you know choice of major doesn’t influence UGA admissions decisions because students can easily change their majors?

To learn more about getting into UGA, go to the AJC Get Schooled blog where a UGA admissions officer addresses eight common misconceptions. And be sure to read the comments as the UGA official answers readers’ questions as well.

Or, better yet, get your teenager to look at the blog. You can find what you need to know here.

If your children are also considering Georgia Tech, direct them here as we also asked Tech to address common myths about their admissions policies.

And good luck.