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How To “Fail” Your Way To Becoming A Good Cook

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt. Hey there y’all…Ellen Britt, the Atlanta Hometown Ambassador, here with more Foodie talk.

Today I want to talk about “failing” at cooking something. Let me set the stage here…for the past couple of days, I’ve talked about experimenting with a Chinese cooked rice porridge called jook. Yesterday I had the bright idea to apply this long cooking technique to grits, which is a staple food here in the Southern United States.

The technique worked great but one cup of grits cooked for a couple of hours with ten cups of water left me with a bunch of leftover grits, which when refrigerated, turns into something like the Italian cornmeal dish polenta.

Well then in my wanderings around the internet, I saw some recipes for using leftover grits to make fried grits cakes for breakfast. Then I saw a recipe for crab cakes.

Ah ha! (Or so I thought.) I could take my leftover cooked grits, which by this time had become very firm, and season them like crabcakes and fry them up.

So, I proceeded to do just that, adding some mayo, Worcester sauce and Old Bay Seafood seasonings and forming them into patties before frying them in a bit of olive oil.

Did they taste good? You bet.


Once they were fried, the texture turned from firm to very soft, sort of like mashed potatoes. They were nothing like crab cakes.

So, taste is important but texture comes in at a close second.

Am I sorry I made them? No way! That’s what it takes to become a good cook…the willingness to experiment and to fail once in a while, so you can learn from your mistakes. Let’s eat, y’all…!