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Netflix cancels Atlanta-based ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ after one season

By Rodney Ho, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution #atlanta-ga (CNT)

Show spent time in the Netflix top 10 in August.

The breezy, tongue-in-cheek dramedy “Teenage Bounty Hunters” has been axed by Netflix after just one season.

The show, which featured two Atlanta sisters who end up becoming bounty hunters on the side, debuted August 14 and spent several days in the Netflix trending top 10. It was shot in metro Atlanta as well.

But Netflix doesn’t release ratings on a consistent basis, so the streaming service’s decision-making on what shows to keep and which ones to cancel is fairly opaque.

The first season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger as well, which will likely never be resolved.

Kathleen Jordan, 31, daughter of former Jimmy Carter chief of staff, Hamilton Jordan, wrote the story, basing some of the series on her own experiences growing up in a Christian community in Buckhead and attending Westminster Schools.

“Teenage Bounty Hunters” received a 91% positive rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 93% positive rating among viewers on the same site.

Netflix also canceled a previously anticipated fourth season of its wrestling drama, “GLOW,” citing the pandemic.