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Sheriff: Teen in stolen car asks Clayton deputies why they chased him

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A teenager driving a stolen sedan had one question for the deputies who pursued him and eventually brought the vehicle to a stop over the weekend, according to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office.

“(He) arrogantly asked deputies why they pursued him, adding his expertise that they are not supposed to pursue suspects in cars,” the agency said in a public advisory.

Jermaine Brooks, 17, of Ellenwood, was arrested Saturday after sheriff’s deputies disabled the Acura ILX with a patrol vehicle, commonly known as a PIT maneuver.

Brooks was reminded, the sheriff’s office said, that the agency does not have a policy against vehicle pursuits. He was taken to the Clayton County Jail on charges of speeding 26 to 30 mph over the limit, reckless driving, hit-and-run resulting in an accident and fleeing police related to the chase. 

He also faces charges of theft by receiving stolen property and driving without a license, jail records show. Details about the pursuit and the hit-and-run have not been released.

In the advisory, the sheriff’s office said it allows vehicle pursuits as a way to cut down on crime. Other agencies, including the Atlanta Police Department, have prohibited or strictly regulated police chases as they can sometimes put innocent people in danger.

“Stolen cars are the transportation use by criminals to rape, rob, and murder,” the Clayton County agency said. “Therefore it is strategically prudent to make sure that criminals are kept stranded.”

Sheriff’s deputies attempt to pursue safely, the agency said, utilizing technology “that has the potential to end a pursuit before it can get started.” The advisory did not elaborate on the kind of technology used.

In May, a 17-year-old girl was killed when her car was hit by a vehicle involved in a chase that originated in Clayton County. Sheriff’s deputies were pursuing a driver, Sebastin Miles, after first trying to arrest him on outstanding aggravated assault charges.

The chase continued into DeKalb County before the vehicle ran a red light on Moreland Avenue, hitting Jada Deleonardo’s vehicle, according to the sheriff’s office. Deleonardo was dead at the scene, and her 19-year-old passenger was seriously injured.

Miles and his three passengers were eventually arrested, and Miles remains in jail while awaiting trial.

After Saturday’s arrest, Brooks posted a $16,500 bond and was released early Wednesday morning, records show.