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In Cooking As In Life – Everything Its Place

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

Today is my first full day as a student in Rouxbe’s Professional Plant Based Certification online program, which I announced yesterday in my Hometown Foodie column. The first task I have to complete as an introduction to the course is to cook something that Rouxbe calls my “go to” dish. 

But the most interesting thing about this assignment is that they are introducing the concept of mise en place (say me-zohn plahs) which loosely means “everything in its place.” When you cook, the Rouxbe instructors want you to get all of your ingredients and equipment prepared and set out ahead of time.

So if your recipe calls for a cup of chopped carrots, you would prepare those and place them in a small dish on your work surface, along with additional small bowls containing all of your other ingredients, including spices, oils and seasonings, pre-measured and organized.

This way, when you are ready to actually cook, your mind is fully present on the task at hand and you are not running around all over the place looking for an ingredient or worse yet, finding out that the crucial spice you thought you had in your cabinet is not there.

Apparently for many chefs, this idea of mise en place also carries over to everything else they do, so it also almost becomes a philosophy and a way of life. I don’t know about you, but I could certainly use a bit more organization, not only in my kitchen but in my home and in my life as well.

Here’s to perfecting mise en place. Let’s cook y’all…!