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Learning From Fried Rice

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt. Welcome back y’all as you continue with me on the road to getting my Professional Plant Based Certification via Rouxbe’s online culinary program. 

Yesterday I talked about the concept of mise en place (say me-zohn plahs) which loosely means “everything in its place.” This means getting out ahead of time all of the ingredients you are going to use for the recipe you are using.

But not just getting all the ingredients together, but actually prepping everything before cooking actually begins. This means peeling and chopping vegetables, measuring out all of your spices and seasonings and placing everything in separate small bowls so everything is at hand.

Today I cooked fried rice for my daughter, who is very picky about her food. Even though this dish is not completely one hundred percent plant based (it contains eggs) I used the concept of mise en place in preparing this recipe.

I was amazed at the sense of calm I had as I was cooking, especially as with this dish, once you start cooking, everything moves very fast.

I also found myself paying particular attention to the plating and appearance. This weekend I am cooking a “go to” dish as my first assignment and taking photographs of my mise en place to submit to the instructor.

In any case, I would encourage you to use the mise en place concept the next time you are cooking and see if it makes a difference. Let’s cook y’all…!