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Hometown Foodie – Report Card And Lessons Learned

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

Today I felt sort of like a school kid again because…

I got my first assignment graded from Rouxbe Culinary Institute’s Professional Plant Based Certification program which I enrolled in last week.

The assignment wasn’t too difficult but I did take my time with it. We were tasked with making our “go to” dish, a plant based dish that we already cook.

Only this time, we had to set up the mise en place for it and photograph it, plus submit photos of the dish in process and the finished recipe with a description. Each of these parts was worth a number of points.

The Chef instructor who graded my assignment was very kind and gave me some great feedback. Even though he awarded me the maximum number of points, he also reminded me that I am supposed to plate every finished dish on a white plate which I did not. This was right there in the instructions but I just didn’t see it. Yikes!

Also he asked me in my description to concentrate on actually describing the flavors and textures of the finished dish instead of simply describing how it looked and so forth. And, ever though he said my photographs were excellent, he admonished me to get even closer to the food and to really fill up the frame.

I won’t make those mistakes again! And, I am grateful that he saw fit to give me the maximum number of points…this time.

So the lessons here for me (and perhaps for you!) are:

One – Pay close attention to the instructions and follow them precisely when you are first trying to learn something.

Two – Yes, it’s important to arrange food so it looks attractive but it’s even more important to really recognize how things taste and to actually be able to describe those tastes in words. This is harder than you think.

Three – When photographing food, pictures make a bigger impact when the food takes up as much of the frame as possible.

So, whew…my first assignment is under my belt and I finally feel like a real Rouxbe student. More to come. Let’s eat y’all…!