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Hometown Foodie – Food For Thought

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

Taste is an interesting sense isn’t it? You know for sure when something tastes “good” to you, or if you don’t like it, you are likely to characterize it as tasting “bad.” 

I don’t know about you, but I have gotten sort of complacent when it comes to taste and as long as I already know I like something, then while I am eating it, I have to admit I’m really not paying that much attention. And I’m starting to get the picture that I’m missing out on a major part of really enjoying my food.

The only reason this came up for me is because I am preparing for an upcoming student assignment in Rouxbe Culinary Institute’s Professional Plant Based Certification Program that involves procuring some kale and then then preparing it in three simple ways:

One – after washing and drying the kale and removing the thick central stem, cutting it up and then eating a piece of it raw…

Two – combining the raw kale with ripe avocado flesh and massaging the avocado into the kale…

Three – combining the raw chopped kale with a simple dressing made from olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

After preparing the kale these three ways, the instructions are to write out my thoughts on the taste and the texture of each of the three kale preparations, making sure I’m not saying obvious things like “it tastes lemony or it tastes salty.” 

I don’t think most of us are used to really trying to put into words what our taste experiences actually are. This exercise will force me to slow down, to really pay attention and to become really mindful about what it is that I’m actually sensing when I am tasting each preparation.

Listen, I get it. We are all in a hurry, rushing here and rushing there. And take out and fast food makes it even more tempting to just “wolf” food down to assuage hunger (and yes, to comfort us when we are feeling upset as well) so really paying attention to how something tastes is the last thing on our minds.

But what if you and I really made this purposeful tasting not only an exercise that we do one time just for the experience of it, but something that we incorporate into our lives every time we eat? 

I have a feeling we would all enjoy our food more, our digestion would improve because we would find ourselves slowing down, and maybe we wouldn’t be tempted to eat mindlessly or to overstuff ourselves.

Food for thought! Let’s eat y’all…!