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Opinion: America got cheated

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This week in America he would have felt cheated, as an opportunity for real drama slipped through his fingers.

Instead of an originally scheduled head-to-head debate, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden appeared separately — in different cities, with different moderators and on different networks — in overlapping town halls.

It was a disaster for the President, Lockhart wrote, because so much of the conversation was about the country’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The network gave Trump “exactly what he wants: His own platform without the more thoughtful, and more presidential Joe Biden standing in sharp contrast next to him.

As the leader in the polls, Biden had reason “to play it safe” but voters should expect “him to come clean on key issues,” Stewart observed.

He said he is backing Joe Biden.

“With Barrett on the Supreme Court, whatever happens in November, the conservative court will be a major legacy of the Trump presidency,” he wrote.

As unlikely as it is, they wrote, former President George W. Bush should declare his support for Joe Biden.