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Hometown Foodie – More Good News For Coffee Lovers

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

Hey, do you like coffee? If so, there is some really good news in terms of a study that just came out looking at coffee consumption in a large group of colon cancer patients.

Now these patients had cancer that had already spread to other parts of their bodies, making treatment more difficult and putting them at a high risk of eventually dying from their disease. The study, which was published September 17, 2020 in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, was really not looking at coffee consumption directly but was examining the effectiveness of two cancer drugs when added to traditional chemotherapy.

As part of the study, the participants filled out a questionnaire which asked them about their daily coffee drinking habits. This was a big study which included 1,171 patients. Those who stated they consumed two to three cups of coffee daily were more likely to live longer than those who drank less or no coffee and it also took a longer time before their disease got worse.

Patients who drank even more coffee (more than four cups a day) showed even greater benefits. Plus this was true whether the coffee was caffeinated or decaffeinated. 

The study investigators were careful to point out that their findings are an association but do not prove a cause and effect relationship between drinking coffee and a decreased risk of progression of the patients cancer, even though the association is quite striking.

The senior author of the study, Dr. Kimmie Ng, explains that while it’s premature to actually recommend high coffee intake for patients with colorectal cancer, their study suggests that coffee is not harmful and is potentially beneficial.

So there you have it. More good news for us coffee lovers. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s eat y’all…!