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Brookhaven police called after a few baaaaad sheep escape in neighborhood

By Zachary Hansen, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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More than a dozen sheep were hired to clean up a resident’s yard, but they decided overnight that kudzu, brush and ivy were not enough.

They wanted to eat out.

Brookhaven police received several calls around 6 a.m. Thursday about the wandering sheep, who were spotted near East Brookhaven Drive and Mandy Road. Roughly an hour later, officers found them munching on a neighbor’s lawn.

Police Lt. David Snively said that the officers found the sheep just outside of Brookhaven’s city limits, but the hungry animals’ owner arrived before Atlanta police and animal control were called. Snively said police counted at least 14 sheep.

The officers didn’t have to herd the sheep back to their proper place though. The sheep’s owner used corn to lure them back to their day job.

It’s unclear whether the resident permanently owns the sheep or if they were rented through a company to clear brush — a trendy and environmentally friendly form of lawn management. 

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Several companies in metro Atlanta rent out sheep or goats to clear unwanted brush. Many local governments, including some in DeKalb County, have hired goats to clean up public parks and greenspace.