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Atlanta’s Cascade Road now has an official anthem

By J.D. Capelouto, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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A song released by a young R&B group from southwest Atlanta is now the official anthem of the Cascade Road corridor and the surrounding communities.

Atlanta Councilmember Marci Collier Overstreet presented Strayhorn Heights with a proclamation Tuesday declaring their debut single “Cascade” as the area’s official song.

Strayhorn Heights is an alterative R&B band made up of teenage siblings Jetta, Zaila and Wyatt Strayhorn.

“Their song shows how young people can be engaged in their community and uplift others. I grew up in Cascade and live here and their song really resonated with me,” Overstreet said in a statement. “Jetta, Zaila and Wyatt are gifted and creative Atlanta natives and it’s a pleasure to highlight their amazing contributions to our city.

Cascade Road is a well-known commercial and residential corridor in southwest Atlanta. Scenes from the neighborhood are featured in the music video for “Cascade,” which celebrates everyday life for young people in southwest Atlanta.

References to Cascade and southwest Atlanta (which is sometimes called “SWATS”) have popped up in songs before, mostly by rappers who are from the area. Goodie Mob’s songs “I Refuse Limitation,” for example, states “SWATS, G.A. by way of Cascade Heights.”