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Will Gov. Doug Ducey ‘leave the country’ with Trump when the president loses on Nov. 3?

Elvia Díaz Arizona Republic

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Opinion: Whether Gov. Doug Ducey mocked Joe Biden’s stutter isn’t the big question. It’s what he’ll do when Trump loses the election.

What’s wrong with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey? He’s drawing intense attention over whether he mocked Joe Biden’s stutter or not.

That’s a big deal in itself. The Republican governor appeared to mock Democrat Biden at a President Trump rally on Monday. But don’t waste your time checking out the video to verify the claim.

The bigger deal or question is, how can Arizonans ditch Ducey when he still has two years left in office?

How can Arizonans deal with a guy who may have not mocked people with disabilities, like Biden’s long struggle with stuttering, but who stands by Trump who has done that and worse things?

Ducey is kissing up to Trump, but why?

These are serious questions to ponder. Republicans across the country are finally beginning to distance themselves from Trump only because they fear they’ll go down in flames with him on Nov. 3.

Ducey doesn’t fear that since he’s not on the ballot.  And oddly, he’s clearly proud to embrace Trump’s nativist, irresponsible and extreme behavior that has angered so many, isolated the country from foreign allies while cozying up to dictators and white supremacists.

He’s done everything in his power to kiss up to Trump. You’ve seen him standing by his guy just about everywhere. At the White House without wearing a mask amid a pandemic to mimic Trump and in Arizona urging voters to reelect the president.

What’s the governor’s end game here? Go with Trump? Actually, that would be a good thing.

At a recent rally in Georgia, Trump suggested he may “leave the country” if he loses to Democrat Joe Biden next month.

Polls suggest Trump will lose at the ballot. What is Ducey going to do then? Pack his bags and join Trump in Russia, North Korea or whatever other country he chooses?