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Hometown Foodie – Pot Liquor (aka Green Gold)

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

Remember the theme from that old television show, The Beverly Hillbillies? If you do, you know they struck oil in their home state of Missouri, got rich and moved to a mansion in California. 

And their theme song referred to oil as Black Gold.

Well today, I want to talk about something I call Green Gold…

Otherwise known as pot liquor if you are being fancy, or if you are a country gal like me (or guy!) you grew up calling it pot likker!

I’m referring to the water that collards are cooked in…

as it’s full of flavor, minerals and makes a great broth to use in soup.

I like to cook my collards for a hour or so with extra water and olive oil sauteed garlic, ginger and hot pepper flakes. This makes for a delicious broth. I serve some of it with the collards of course but with what’s left over I usually make a simple soup using a can of black beans (or red kidneys) with their cooking juice, and some miso to give it a salty, savory flavor.

Served with a pan of hot cornbread right out of the oven and you have an economical, nutritious supper that can’t be beat. Let’s eat y’all…!