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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson suffers face injury while working out

By Stephanie Toone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Actor shared video about his injury Monday on Instagram

After years of battling crime, fire and villains in films, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been knocked down by a rather practical act — working out.

The “Fast & Furious” star suffered a face injury during a recent workout. While working out with 50-pound chains, the actor hurt himself, leading him to bleed and a gnarly wound.

“Alright, look. Sometimes, well oftentimes, things get intense here in the iron paradise, but we ain’t playing tiddlywinks and we ain’t reciting nursery rhymes,” said the star in the video. “You get lumped up every once in a while and things happen.”

He delivered video with blood streaming down his face. The occasional Georgia resident exhibited a sense of pride while telling his millions of Instagram followers about the accident. He took a finger to wipe away the blood and licked his finger.

“That’s good. That’s real good,” he said after cleaning his finger. “Back to work.”

He later offered detail about the injury.

“Threw around my 50lb chains for a drop set – I got lumped up and need stitches,” he wrote. “Taste your blood, keep training and stitch up later – rules of the house. And I can confirm my blood tastes like Teremana, calluses and BlaMoan (black and samoan) Hot Sauce.”