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Hometown Foodie – Sorghum Tasting

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

My sorghum syrup arrived today in the mail! Now you might wonder, if you didn’t read Hometown Foodie yesterday, why I am so worked up about sorghum syrup. 

Listen, I’ve been waiting for two years to try this small batch, traditionally made brand by a small producer down in Louisiana!

First of all, I ordered three bottles of sorghum syrup, the limit for one order, as I am hoping to stretch this out over the winter till next season. The box was packed perfectly with plenty of foam peanuts and each bottle was tightly sealed and wrapped separately in several layers of bubble wrap, so all good there.

I opened one bottle to sample the goods and it was sealed so tightly I had a mighty hard time getting the lid off. But that’s ok. Better a tight lid than spilled syrup in my shipment.

The fragrance of the syrup was heavenly and took me right back to my childhood on the rare occasions when we did have sorghum syrup at home. The amber liquid was clear and that taste y’all…! Sweet and slightly grassy, then giving way to an almost savory lingering finish.

I can’t wait to try this syrup in some recipes, both sweet and savory. There is no way I’m going to squander this in larger quantities by pouring it over biscuits or cornbread, as tempting as that might be! I already have an idea for Southern style fried rice that I’m anxious to try, so I’ll let y’all know how that goes. 

In the meantime, the last time I checked, Poirier’s still has syrup for sale but you better grab it quick if you want some because they WILL sell out. Let’s eat y’all…!