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Hometown Foodie – This Is The Most Important Tool In Your Kitchen

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

Think about this question for a second.

What is the most important tool in your kitchen? At first thought, you might think oh it’s my high speed blender, or it’s my food processor. Or no, it’s got to be my air fryer, my convection oven, my instant pot or any other number of wonderful, time-saving appliances large or small.

But you would be wrong!

The most important tool in your kitchen is…

your chef’s knife!

You do have a chef’s knife don’t you? If you do, great! And if not, you need to get one. 

A good chef’s knife with a grip that suits you will become one of your most useful and most frequently used tools. Listen, a food processor is fine for chopping up large quantities of things like cabbage for slaw, but for cutting onion, garlic, chopping vegetables and more there is no substitute for your chef’s knife.

You may know, from reading in a previous Hometown Foodie column, that I’m enrolled in Rouxbe (pronounded “ROOS-be”) Online Culinary School’s Plant Based Professional Certification program.

We are learning about knives, in particular the chef’s knife, and I’ll be bringing you a column soon on how to choose a great chef’s knife that’s right for any budget and that will soon become an extension of your hand.

So stay tuned for that. Let’s eat y’all…!