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Hometown Foodie – Cast Iron Cooking

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt.

As a Southern cook, I rely a lot on my cast iron frying pans. 

Cast iron holds heat really well and can put a sear on food in a hurry. Southern cooks are so partial to their cast iron cookware that well loved skillets get passed down from one generation to another! I have one of my late Mama’s cast iron skillets that I cherish and use nearly every day.

A lot of folks think that cast iron is hard to take care of but it’s really not. Once your pans are seasoned well (and I’ll cover that in another Hometown Foodie column), a quick wipe with a wet sponge often does the job and yes (gasp!)

I do wash mine in soapy water if the pan needs it. The trick to this is to wash the pan quickly, then dry with a towel. I finish drying the pan by putting it over a gas flame on the stove for just a minute to warm the pan up and drive away any remaining moisture to prevent any chance of rust.

Finally, I spray the cooking surface of the warm pan with a bit of cooking spray (I use Publix Olive Oil spray) and pop the pan in the oven to store until I need it again.

Cast iron is amazing for baking sweet potatoes or russets as well because of its heat retention capacities. Plus I use it for sweating onions and garlic for sauces and more.

Plus, I use my cast iron skillet for cooking peach and blackberry cobblers to die for!

Let’s eat y’all…!