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Hometown Foodie – The Shortbread Secret

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt

My young adult daughter has been after me lately to bake some shortbread cookies. I tried to make some a few months ago but they just didn’t turn out too well. So I poked around the internet, looked at a few recipes and then took what I thought looked good from each one and made a recipe of my own.

Do you ever do that?

I just can’t help myself when I look at a recipe, as I have been cooking a long time. I’ll see something like “add a 3 teaspoons of salt” and I’ll think to myself…”Hey for that amount of flour and other ingredients, that sounds like way too much salt” and then I’ll make an adjustment.

Or if a recipe calls for some ingredient that I or my daughter just don’t like the taste of, I will usually substitute something else or even leave it out altogether. Or sometimes, just reading a recipe gives me the inspiration to do something compeletely different.

But this comes with experience. Unless I really have a very strong feeling about it, I try my best to follow directions exactly the first time I am trying a recipe and then I’ll adjust things on the next go round.

In this way, I have built up a library of recipes which are my own and in many cases, don’t much at all like the original inspirational recipe.

So don’t be afraid to experiment. Follow your instincts and above all, have fun. Let’s eat y’all…!