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BREAKING: Charleston airport reopens after evacuation

By Imani Dennis
Madison Grey for (CNT) City News and Talk #breaking

Flights were grounded after TSA reportedly found suspicious package

Charleston International Airport reportedly has reopened after the facility was evacuated after the TSA found a suspicious package during a screening, according to multiple news outlets Wednesday.

At about 1:50 p.m. Wednesday, reporter Amy Russo said the airport is back open and traffic is clear entering and exiting the area. Besides announcing the airport reopening, officials have not said what caused the shutdown.

Anchor/reporter Rob Way of the CBS affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina, posted a video Wednesday of the airport being evacuated close to noon.

Evacuees were placed in the parking garage and were not told why, according to Kyle Jordan of Live 5 News in Charleston.

Russo tweeted a video of law enforcement heading toward the airport and blocking traffic near Michaux Parkway for 10 minutes until it was cleared.