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Hometown Foodie – Food Processor Or Chop By Hand?

#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt

Do you like to chop vegetables by hand or is it your go to tool your food processor? Now make no mistake, I love my food processor. I use it frequently from everything to making pizza dough to chopping carrots very fine to make Southern coleslaw.

But most of the time I prefer to use my chef’s knife to chop vegetables, whether that’s slicing onions, chopping garlic or mincing fresh ginger.

Some of my friends who really don’t like to cook very much (can you even imagine such a thing?!) don’t really understand why I like to chop vegetables by hand instead of just throwing them in the food processor and flipping the switch.

And I have to admit, it did take me awhile to learn to love doing this. First of all, you need a good sharp chef’s knife and you need to learn how to use it. You don’t have to chop like those chef’s on tv who chop so fast you can’t even see the knife blade!

But learning to keep the point of your knife in contact with the cutting board and rocking the blade back and forth to cleanly slice through the vegetables is such a pleasure. The pure sensuous, physical delight you can get from doing this simple task beats the food processor every time. Let’s eat y’all…!