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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Sets “Coronaversary” Special

by Lacey Rose | HollywoodReporter.Com

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The March 11 episode will welcome U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg exactly one year to the day after he guest hosted the ABC late-night show.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! intends to mark the one-year anniversary of the novel Coronavirus pandemic — or “our national incarceration,” as the show is dubbing it — with an aptly titled “Coronaversary Show.”

The special episode is set to air March 11, with U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg returning exactly one year to the day after he guest hosted the ABC late night show. The latter, a publicity stunt that came mere days after Buttigieg ended his presidential run, was done before a distanced studio audience, consisting of friends and staffers — all in accordance with what were then fast-changing CDC recommendations.

At various points, the 2020 episode included what would become a common COVID-19 era gag: video cutaways to crowds from previously recorded events. “When you don’t have a real audience, you have to fake one, just like Trump’s inauguration,” joked Buttigieg. By the following week, Jimmy Kimmel Live had shuttered production, leaving the show dark for a few weeks.

A year later, Kimmel — who’s shifted between at-home and in-studio shows over the last 12 months, depending on LA’s COVID-19 rates — will also welcome actor-comedian Joel McHale and a musical performance by Adam Duritz.