HT Update

Hometown Hall Matching Prize Sweepstakes

Troy Warren for Hometown Hall #update-all

Beginning March 15, 2021 Hometown Hall will begin its Matching Prize Sweepstakes.

The matching component is the MAGIC of the system.  When an entrant refers a person that wins any of the prizes, the referrer wins the exact same prize!



So instead of DECREASING your odds of winning when you refer others, you increase your odds exponentially with every referral.

The GRAND PRIZE each month is a $500 Amazon Gift Card.  

There are DAILY winners which are $10 Amazon GIFT CARDS.  If you refer someone that wins the daily prize, you win too!  There is no limit to the number of times you can win.  And you can come back daily to enter.

Stay tuned and keep coming back to check for the link to enter.  

GOOD LUCK and make it a GREAT Day!