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Reese’s Is Making Peanut Butter and Chocolate Carrots for Easter

By Tim Nelson | FoodAndWine.Com

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Finally, a carrot that isn’t healthy.

Easter is certainly defined by its curious collection of traditions and symbols. Chief among them is our adoption of an old German folktale which finds an Easter bunny leaving behind eggs for children to collect, despite the fact that rabbits neither eat nor lay eggs. 

You know what a rabbit does eat, though? Carrots. Now, thanks to an unexpected innovation from Reese’s, kids can soon find carrots in their Easter baskets that they’ll actually want to eat. 

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This is no April Fool: they’re actually releasing Peanut Butter carrots, which takes the same concept as their peanut butter-loaded chocolate eggs and bunnies and applies it to a new shape. Each of the carrots are a bit smaller than the kind of thing Bugs Bunny might bite into, but they’re closer to the platonic idea of a larger carrot than a baby carrot, if that makes sense. 

Sold in nine-ounce bags, each mini Peanut Butter Carrot comes individually wrapped in orange and green so there’s no mistaking what it’s supposed to approximate. Each “carrot” measures out at about 60 calories, which probably makes it at least a little unhealthier than the real thing. 

Given that we’re just a few weeks out from Easter, these are already hopping onto the shelves of nationwide retailers. Perhaps because people aren’t really inclined to buy Easter candy year round, it’s also worth noting that these are technically a limited-edition offering. 

So if the Peep on a Perch tells you that the kids have been eating their vegetables, maybe they deserve to see some chocolate carrots in their basket this April. Just make sure to leave some out for the Easter Bunny.