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Video Game Company HiDef Inc. Launches With $7.5M in Series A Funding

by Trilby Beresford | HollywoodReporter.Com

Troy Warren 


The start-up is run by entertainment industry veterans Rick Fox, Anthony Castoro and Jace Hall, together with social impact consultant Dr. David Washington.

Entertainment industry veterans Rick Fox, Anthony Castoro and Jace Hall have secured $7.5 million in Series A funding for their newly launched video game company HiDef, Inc.

Led by Wick Capital Partners, the funding will go toward its flagship game, currently described as a “genre-defining metaverse.”

“Our mission at HiDef is to make games that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives,” said CEO Castoro, who has previously worked for companies including EA Mobile, Codemasters, Daybreak Games, while also establishing the independent games studio Protagonist Games.

HiDef was formed – together with social impact expert Dr. David Washington — who has been an advisor to companies such as Electronic Arts and gaming events like E3 — “to build breakthrough interactive experiences that transcend traditional gaming boundaries and demographics.”

Castoro continued, “We know that for many, games are part of their lifestyle and culture. We create games as-a-service that are designed to allow people to creatively express themselves and connect with one another in ways no other form of entertainment can. We feel that we have a responsibility to make sure that what we build is not only fun and engaging, but also has a positive impact on communities across the globe.”

Fox, well known in the video game community for creating the esports organization Echo Fox Gaming, is a former NBA champion and also an actor, with numerous TV credits such as Law & Order and Shameless. He serves as chief business development officer at HiDef.

As a former exec at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Hall led development on a number of franchises such as The Matrix and Harry Potter. He takes the role of chief creative officer.