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Why ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Director Adam Wingard Treated Kong Like an ’80s Action Hero

by Brian Davids | HollywoodReporter.Com

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The filmmaker also looks forward to his ‘Face/Off’ sequel and floats the possibility of a limited series sequel to his film ‘The Guest.’

Adam Wingard’s journey to Godzilla vs. Kong began in 2013 when his breakout film, You’re Next, entered the orbit of one Peter Jackson. Shortly thereafter, Jackson handpicked Wingard to helm Skull Island, which was initially treated as a direct sequel to Universal and Jackson’s King Kong (2005). In 2014, the film was retitled as Kong: Skull Island, but in order to facilitate a showdown with Godzilla, Legendary Pictures eventually worked out a deal that would send Kongto Warner Bros. As a result, Jackson — and Wingard by extension — had to leave the project.

In 2017, Wingard had a general meeting at Legendary Pictures with Mary Parent, who just so happened to be a producer on Universal’s Skull Island before she became Legendary’s production chief a few years later.